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AI-based unique assessments

AI based unique assessments

Online automated assessments are a great way to screen candidates quickly and at scale without the need for an onsite hiring event. However, cheating can be a big issue for online assessments. While most platforms have anti-cheating features in place to deter live cheating by candidates. But candidates can still share the question sets with others. This leads to cheating, and it is easier for the candidates to pass the assessment without demonstrating their true skills. That’s why CodeDrills has an additional higher-level protection layer to prevent cheating. We create a unique assessment per candidate using AI.

To create unique assessments, a panel of industry experts carefully generate a pool of questions. During our thorough verification process, we ensure that we tag all the questions with their difficulty level and type. We ensure there are more questions per difficulty/type than the assessment requires. In addition, we create slight variations on the same questions, so the question looks almost similar but are not the same. This way, even if candidates share the questions they have seen, cheating is harder.

Whenever a candidate is invited, our innovative AI-based algorithm creates a unique assessment. We ensure it is fair by ensuring the type and difficulty level are the same across different assessments while keeping the overall time required the same. Furthermore, we permute the options shown on MCQs to make cheating slightly more challenging. We also change the ordering of questions subject to some constraints. e.g. relative order of coding and MCQs are maintained. All these small measures, taken together, ensure that the question set for each candidate is unique.

CodeDrills’ unique assessment selection, along with our slew of other anti-cheating features, gives our customers a way to ensure that candidates don’t just pass the assessment by cheating but instead demonstrate their actual skills. This gives our customers the assurance that they are hiring the best, most qualified candidates.

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