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NimbleEdge’s Successful Campus Recruitment Drive

NimbleEdge, a growing technology company, partnered with CodeDrills, an online assessment platform, for their campus recruitment drive at IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and IIT Guwahati. The goal was to identify top talent for software development, machine learning, and Android development roles.

Objective: Efficiently screen and evaluate candidates using CodeDrills’ platform to select the best fits from a pool of 300-750 applicants.

Challenges: Outdated recruiting practices, High Volume of Talent Pool, Poor candidate experience, need for assessments on niche skills, ensuring quality screening.


  1. Collaboration with CodeDrills for streamlined assessments.
  2. Skill-based tailored assessments targeting technical proficiency.
  3. Automated Coding Evaluation
  4. In-depth, actionable reports with comparative analysis


  1. Scheduled assessments across campuses.
  2. Technical support from CodeDrills.
  3. Real-time monitoring of candidate performance.
  4. Invited high-performing candidates for interviews.


  1. Access to top talent from IITs.
  2. Enhanced brand perception as an employer of choice.
  3. Streamlined recruitment process with time savings.
  4. Successful hiring of exceptional candidates.

NimbleEdge’s collaboration with CodeDrills enabled efficient screening and selection of top talent from IITs. By leveraging CodeDrills’ platform for Campus Recruitment Drive, they streamlined the recruitment process, enhancing their brand and successfully hiring exceptional candidates.

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