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CodeDrills and IIITD: Fostering Coding Excellence

Hosting ProTrio and ProCon Jr. Events

CodeDrills and the IIITD, joined forces at IIIT-Delhi’s Esya’23 tech fest to nurture coding brilliance. This partnership showcased seamless collaboration through two exciting coding events.

ProCon Jr.: Igniting Young Coders

ProCon Jr., designed for high school students, kicked off on CodeDrills with a preliminary round on August 19th at 6:30 pm IST. Sixty-one young talents submitted an impressive 533 solutions. CodeDrills’ user-friendly platform made it easy for these budding coders to shine.

ProTrio: Elevating College-Level Excellence

Simultaneously, ProTrio engaged college students in challenging rounds. The preliminary round held on CodeDrills on August 19th at 8 pm IST it drew 437 participants who collectively submitted 1859 solutions. CodeDrills’ efficient submission management was evident.

Grand Finales:

The grand finales were epic. ProCon Jr. finalists competed fiercely on CodeDrills on August 25th from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., resulting in 282 submissions from 22 participants. The triumphant winners were Bharat Singla, oviyan_gandhi, and pr0coder.

In parallel, the ProTrio climax unfolded on August 26th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., gathering 28 formidable teams. The ProTrio Onsite Round winners were “Semicolon mat bhulna” from IIT Delhi (1st place), bitmASKers from IIT Roorkee (2nd place), and Buriburizaemon from IIT Roorkee (3rd place).

CodeDrills and IIITD: The Driving Force

Behind these contests, CodeDrills and IIITD ensured seamless execution. CodeDrills provided an intuitive interface, precise judging, and real-time updates, enhancing the participant experience.

Shivansh Choudhary, ProTrio Team Head, amplifies this sentiment:

“CodeDrills played a pivotal role in the successful execution of ProTrio, our competitive programming contest at IIIT-Delhi’s Esya’23. With its user-friendly interface, precise judging system, and real-time updates, CodeDrills took the participant experience to new heights. The platform’s adaptability allowed us to customize the contest, while responsive support ensured a smooth event. ProTrio’s success owes much to CodeDrills’ innovative tools and analytics, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations for equally exceptional events.”


ProTrio and ProCon Jr. celebrated coding talent, spotlighting CodeDrills’ efficiency in hosting diverse and exceptional coding competitions. As we applaud these achievements, we anticipate more talent nurturing through future CodeDrills and IIITD collaborations.

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