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CodeDrills AlgoQueen 2023 Contestant Interview: Riya Singh

Delve into the world of CodeDrills AlgoQueen 2023 with an exclusive team interview. Get ready to be inspired by the champions of coding excellence.

Participant/ Team Name: Riya Singh/ Back_to_code

ICPC AlgoQueen 2023 Rank: 2nd Rank- College Level

Q) Could you share your Coding Journey? When did you first start, and how did you develop your skills? 

I started my Coding Journey in my first year of College, in my Second Semester. I began with Language C++ and, started giving Contests at Codechef and Codeforces, started solving Problems from Various Platforms. As I realised I was fluent with basic Questions, I started Learning Various Data Structures and Algorithms from blogs like CP Algorithm and gfg. I maintain Consistency and a streak of solving Questions on any Coding Platform. After that, I started participating in various coding contests held by Google and Facebook every year.

Q) Tell us about your most memorable programming contest experience, whether from AlgoQueen or any other competition. What made it special, and how did it contribute to your growth as a competitive programmer? 

The most memorable contest is AlgoQueen ICPC 2023 Contest, all three stages (Preliminary + Quantum Round + Final Round), is a most memorable, before my Quantum Round, I didn’t even know a single word about it, but I managed to get World Rank 9, in that Contest, that motivates me a lot to perform better in my final rounds, As I also get World Rank 9, in Preliminary ICPC Round, Hence I was on streak of World Rank 9, So in my Finals I was excited as well as afraid about the Results of my Contest. Also the last one hour of Finals was most thrilling, in which the ranking list got frozen. But in Finals I get World Rank 3 (College Rank 2) and was very happy and motivated after getting this achievement. 

Q) How did you prepare specifically for the AlgoQueen competition? Did you follow specific strategies or focus on particular algorithms or problem-solving techniques?

For Preliminary and Finals, I didn’t worry so much about ICPC Specific Topics, but For Quantum Round, I leant about it from many youtube Channels, as I was not aware of it. For Preliminary and Finals, I was actually also active on Codeforces and regularly giving Contests at Google and various Companies Competitions, So I just upsolve previous year’s ICPC Round Competition to just Check what is the level of the question and revise the Algorithms In the parts I was weaker at.

Q) Besides coding, what are some of your favourite hobbies or activities in your free time? How do you balance your coding passion and these other interests?   

Beside Coding, I love listening to music and playing badminton to refresh myself.

Q) As one of the top participants in the AlgoQueen competition, what factors do you believe contributed to your success? How did your team work together to tackle the challenging problems?

In ICPC AlgoQueen, A team consists of only one participant; I was just in a hurry to solve all the problems and was just thinking about the solution to a question. In one tab, I was just refreshing the submissions of the questions. The most important factor that Contributed the most was solving the problems after the contest that I did, from Codeforces, Codechef and Atcoder. Along with that engaging myself in various contests helped me a lot.

Q) What do you appreciate the most about CodeDrills and the AlgoQueen competition? Is there any aspect of the platform or competition format that sets it apart? Additionally, if there’s anything you’d like to see improved or added, what would it be?

AlgoQueen is doing a lot for the girls who want to come forward in Coding Field. It is a wonderful initiative to introduce girls to a better tech field. Also, It is encouraging the whole society to learn and explore more. I really appreciate their efforts.  And the thing I like most about the Codedrills contest is the random difficulty order, and the quality of questions is quite appreciable.

Thanks to Riya Singh for sharing their remarkable journey in the CodeDrills AlgoQueen 2023 competition. Get inspired and stay tuned for more incredible stories.

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